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What Vegan Food to Bring to a Wake or End of Life Ceremony

10 months ago

Vegan food can have a bad reputation, people often pigeon-hole it as dull and uninteresting, but more often than not that’s because it hasn’t been cooked well rather than because it isn’t good. In addition, when people think of vegan food they often think of salads, which is not the kind of heart-warming ‘good for the soul’ kind of food that you would probably want to bring along to a wake.

Nonetheless, there’s a host of reasons you might want to bring vegan food to a wake: potentially you are vegan and don’t want to cook non-vegan food, but still want to contribute; maybe the deceased was vegan and you want to honor their wishes or possibly your friendship circle just has a large number of vegans and vegetarians and you want to provide something everyone can enjoy.

Regardless of your reason, in this article I’m going to give you a few different ideas and hopefully some inspiration about what vegan food you can bring to an end of life celebration that will make everyone happy.

      • Sausage Rolls – these are normally only for the meat-eaters but these vegan sausage rolls are super tasty. They require a little more work than simply wrapping a sausage in pastry (although you could just do that if you have vegan puff pastry and vegan sausages available) but they’re delicious and perfect to eat whilst standing up and holding a drink.
      • Cucumber Bites with Sun Dried Tomato SpreadThese little mouthfuls are perfect to eat on a hot day. Even better you can make the spread in advance and leave it in the fridge, then on the day all you need to do is prepare the cucumber and you’re ready to go.
      • Potato nests with radish, apple and beetroot – potentially this is one for only the more experienced cook or someone with some time on their hands, but your hard work will pay off as these little nests not only look beautiful but will taste amazing, just remember to use nice and floury potatoes like King Edwards rather than waxy ones (if you’re at a supermarket there’s usually a description of the potato by the name, telling you if it’s waxy or floury).
      • Tofu Stuffed Jalapenos – In my opinion these stuffed jalapenos are just as good as the cheese stuffed ones and can be made a day or two in advance. You just need to make sure everyone knows they are going to be biting down into a spicy jalapeno and doesn’t get a shock!
      • Onion Confit TartletsThese tartlets aren’t as tricky to make as might first assume as long as you cook the onions very, very slowly. This recipe has ricotta on top, but you can easily swap for hummus to make it vegan.
      • Buffalo Jackfruit Spinach Dip – In order to make this tasty and spicy dip you’ll need to get your hands on some jack fruit (the vegan’s new go-to everything food) but it’s worth making the effort because this recipe, like everything else on this website, is delicious. Just put it out along with some chopped up carrots, peppers and cucumbers and watch it all disappear.
      • Chocolate Chip Cookies – vegan chocolate is easy to find in most places now, often it’s advertised as being vegan, if not search out chocolate with a high coco content as it often doesn’t have any dairy ingredients. Once you have it these cookies are easy to make and super tasty, no-one will be able to tell they don’t have and egg in!

Making vegan finger food for a wake is easy to do and will keep everyone happy, especially if you are being sensitive to the feelings of others. If you want something more hearty and filling think about making a vegetable casserole or vegan chili, but either way there’s no reason to think that just because food is vegan it isn’t tasty!

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