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Small Mental and Physical Wins To Prepare Yourself For An Impending Loss

10 months ago

The death of a beloved is painful, and this situation becomes more stressful when you are aware of the fact that they will die soon. This stressful situation results in physiological and psychological impacts on a person. These impacts start from the transition in emotions to the feeling of guilt. Then they also affect the physical health, and finally, you accept the loss of your beloved. You can understand this situation by considering it as a fundamental process that initiates as:

    1. You experience the shocking news that you are going to lose your beloved.
    2. Then you start to refuse this inevitable fact and make excuses to deny it.
    3. You try to do everything within your control for the sake of the life of your beloved.
    4. A psychological trauma called depression also comes in this way.
    5. After a great effort, you began to accept this absolute fact when you realize that it is an ultimate reality.

So basically, it is an anxious process that impacts your physical and psychological health. But you can keep yourself motivated in this situation by doing small wins because there is no other way to escape. For this purpose, let us classify these impacts and discuss how to prepare yourself for impending loss.

So we can deal with impending loss in two different ways because it affects us psychologically and physiologically. Let us briefly discuss the ways to cope with such impacts from two different lenses.

Psychological impacts and small wins

Such news causes so much emotional disturbance, fear, loneliness, anger, and sadness. While experiencing these psychological impacts, mental health is vital for yourself. When you are going through such traumas, you have to be mentally prepared because it is an ultimate fact. Here are some effective small wins that you can do to prepare yourself for an impending loss;


As preparing yourself for impending loss is a stressful condition, so meditation is an extremely reliable strategy to reduce your stress level. Try to eliminate all environmental distractions, avoid all anxious thoughts, and think about your emotional well-being. Slow and deep breathing are convincing ways to get rid of anxiety. Stay focused and be the master of yourself while meditating.

Engage in activities

Try to engage yourself in various activities. Express your feelings through art, writing, reading, or do something creative. Because this will create a sense of acceptance, and ultimately, you will accept the fact of loss.

Engage with people

Enhance your emotional well-being by engaging yourself with individuals. Because when you engage with people, you will express your feelings and emotions. Find your good listener friend and share your mental experience and memories with him/her. By telling all the stuff you have in your mind, you will feel comfortable, and eventually, the sense of isolation will also reduce.

Increase spirituality

Go to the church, purify your spiritual and mental self, and read a book there. This act will give you a feeling of satisfaction and also helps in controlling anxiety. It will also allow you to rush out from the situation because gradually, you start accepting the reality.


Physiological impacts and small wins

A situation like you already aware of your beloved’s death leads to a wide range of physical impacts. So it is very crucial to maintain your physical well-being as well as mental health. Here are some effective small wins that you can do by yourself to prepare yourself for an impending loss;


Shocking news like your beloved’s loss gives you an intense level of grief that directly affects your heart and nervous system’s functioning. So doing exercise will keep you active. Moreover, your blood circulation will also improve, which will leave a positive impact on your body.

Balanced diet

Taking a balanced diet having all the essential nutrients will contribute to your physical well-being. When you take a sufficient amount of nutrients in your diet, your mood swings and mental health will improve. It also helps in the proper functioning of muscles. Because hearing the news of losing someone will make you sluggish and tired, so taking a balanced diet will help you to reduce fatigue.

Adequate sleep

It is necessary to take adequate sleep as a lack of sleep contributes to several ailments. It is evident that when you are aware of the upcoming loss, your sleep will affect, which will lead to the poor functioning of the immune system, and you will be more likely to get sick.

Increase your physical and social activities

The pain you will get from the loss of your beloved will not vanish instantly. It will take time, so try to interact with society as per the routine. Don’t cut with social and physical activities. Instead, increase such activities as joining groups, going outside, trying to distract your mind from constant thoughts, traveling to seek peace, and staying active in your daily routine because it will help you to eliminate the feeling of stress, sadness, and isolation.

Be creative

Try to create something. You can write a book, diary or memories. Because when you divert your attention from the upcoming loss, your stress level will consequently reduce. And you will start accepting the loss from the perspective of fact and reality.

In conclusion, as your emotional stress and physical disturbance overlap each other in grief, the above-mentioned small wins will help you to maintain an equilibrium within them.

Because according to the WHO’s definition of health: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Try to stay physically, mentally, and socially active and healthy and keep yourself prepared and stable for an impending loss. Losing someone is an ultimate reality and an inevitable fact of nature, and taking the suggestions ahead of time are great preparatory measures to brace yourself for the moment.


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