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Mindfulness: Ways to Reduce Anxiety

10 months ago

Anxiety is a state of unease characterized by various feelings such as fear, worry, or tension. Nowadays, we live a mechanical way of life, and every aspect of this artificial life gives us severe or mild anxiety. We can’t escape from every stressful situation, so; consequently, we become anxious. But to reduce the anxiety is our subjective duty. We have to practice some mindfulness ways to reduce anxiety. So mindfulness ways are made up of ;

  1. Recognition
  2. Attention
  3. Concentration
  4. Approval

When you recognize your feeling and pay attention to it, then you start concentrating on solving this unpleasant sensation. Finally, you intentionally accept the situation and practice some ways to eliminate that feeling; that is what mindfulness ways mean. So here are some practices that you can do to reduce anxiety.

Mindful mental activities

 Mindful mental activities are referring to the fact that you have to present in the situation. When you deny the unpleasant situation, you become anxious. On the contrary, when you start accepting that this situation is not favorable for me, and  I have to deal with the circumstances, this mindset gives you courage. Following are some benefits that you will get from this mindful way;

  • Your senses will get a message to accept the situation.
  • You will start mental preparations to cope with the anxiety.
  • It will give you a rational and intentional gateway to come out of the situation.
  • If you plan strategic thinking about the present situation, it will keep you more aware of y our emotional state.
  • When you look up at the sky and observe nature, your thinking pattern changed, and anxiety will replace by peace.

Mindful physical activities

These activities contribute greatly to reduce anxiety. When you go for a walk and pay attention to nature or surroundings, it will give you a feeling of relief. When you breathe for a long time in a peaceful and calm environment, then the negative thoughts and anxiety gradually go away, and you feel lighter. Following are some benefits that you will get from this mindful way;

  • You stay physically fit, and the chance of any physical or mental ailment gets reduced.
  • When you go for a walk or run, your muscles get stretched, and you feel relaxed; this change increases blood circulation and reduces anxiety.

Mindful eating

You might have heard about a quote that “you are, what you eat.” So eating while present in the situation is also another way to reduce anxiety. Mindful eating refers to eat slowly and feel the taste, smell, and presentation of food. Moreover, nutritious food also helps to maintain the optimum state of the body. Following are some benefits that you will get from this mindful way;

  • Chewing food consciously will help you to reduce stress levels.
  • When you are done with food and stop eating, this will gives you the sensation of satisfaction.
  • Try to focus on eating and concentrating on food; this will give you the sensation of completion, which reduces anxiety.

Set a mindful goal

When you set a certain goal, then you work hard to attain it. No matter the journey is anxious, but your ultimate focus is to get the achievement. You don’t pay heed to the stress; rather, you keep on striving.

  • It gives you a direction that you have to follow.
  • It will reduce anxiety because you are already aware of your achievement.
  • It will keep you away from distraction.
  • And in case you feel nervous at any step of this journey, you have to keep your focus on results, which will give you the motivation.
  • By setting a goal, you will break all the ties that have limited your life. And then you start living a life beyond those restrictions.

It is essential to be present at the moment. When you are intentionally aware of the situation, you can manage your physical and mental well-being. By practicing the above mindfulness ways, you can easily reduce anxiety. To regulate your emotions and physical state, one has to accept the situation and then confront it by following such ways. This is especially true if you’ve recently experienced a loss or preparing yourself for one. Do your best to focus your attention on the activity at hand, intentionally regulate your breathing and and complete the task with calm. Remember, you are already perfectly equipped to handle anything that comes your way.

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