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How to Live-Stream a Celebration of Life

10 months ago

2020 has been an incredibly tough year for all of us; it has hit us hard, disrupting what we have come to call norm and changing our lifestyles for good. In these unprecedented times, we have had to adapt; schools, offices and even religion went online as efforts to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus went full throttle.

This year has been even harder for those who have lost a loved one. The pain of losing someone close to you is unparalleled. This year has made it even harder to part with our loved ones. Many have not been allowed to congregate and pay their respects to those that have passed away. For more comfortable, less stressful proceedings, we have looked into Virtual Memorial Services and the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ you should seriously consider Livestreaming a Celebration of Life.

Benefits of Livestreaming

Livestreaming gives you many benefits over the traditional celebration where the only sacrifice made is physical contact, and with contact being discouraged due to the pandemic, live-streaming is the obvious choice for holding memorials:


Due to Covid-19, preventive measures have come into place, and the traditional gathering has become either impossible or very hard and stressful to organise. Livestreaming will remove all the stress of managing and allows you to celebrate your loved on immediately.

Convenience & Distance

The location will not be a problem; whether family members or friends are abroad, ill or stuck inside their own home, live-streaming would allow them to be part of the memorial. A live stream is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, so it will not be a problem whatever the distance. No one will have to incur any travel costs or arrangement expenses to attend.


A virtual service would allow you to choose who is invited and can participate in the memorial. A family might prefer to keep the celebration private and more intimate with only family members and close friends allowed.

Short Notice

Some religious or medical requirements mean that burial or cremation must happen within 24 hours. Live-streaming would allow a celebration of life to occur at very short notice as no venue, reception or gathering arrangements would need to be made.

Reduce Costs

The only costs that live-streaming would incur are if the call is to be made to a large audience over a long time. Compared to the expenses that a gathering would incur, a virtual service would save costs on venue arrangements, numerous service fees and neutralise any travel costs.


Memorials, tributes and services are very emotional, and they sometimes get the best of us in these scenarios. Livestreaming allows you the commodity of pre-recording your thoughts and tributes beforehand, where you have all the time you need to say anything you want calmly without having the pressure of being on air.


Emotions are incredibly tough to control and diminish in moments like these, and it is understandable if you want to keep to yourself. Livestreaming allows you to choose when to be seen and heard, only allowing audio and video whenever you feel most comfortable.


Livestreaming allows you to keep a recorded memento, capturing stories and tributes that are disclosed in memory of a loved one.


You have decided that you will be live-streaming a celebration of life; the next step is to determine how you will proceed with events.

The most common platforms are:

          • Zoom
          • Skype
          • Facebook Live

When using Zoom, you will invite those that you wish to be present through an invite link. This link also gives the option of an RSVP. Zoom allows you to share your screen and has a supported feature that enables you to upload videos to be played for those present. Zoom also gives a virtual background of your choice, letting you choose the backdrop for your camera, which works best with a green screen. The only drawback is that zoom is free for 100 participants for a maximum of 40-minute calls unless you have a business subscription if you want more time you can check Zoom’s monthly plans.


Skype is another platform that can be used to organise a virtual tribute. The use of cameras and audio are supported, and the background can also be updated. Skype also supports screen-sharing to upload any presentations/photos you want during the memorial. Skype is free if the call is being made to another Skype account, however, if you are using a landline or cell phone you will need to have a subscription ($2.99/month) or Skype Credit ($10.00/ 416 minutes).

Facebook Live

If you are looking for a more public and social celebration, Facebook Live is the platform to use. It offers free live-streaming, but only one broadcast/ visual input is supported, that of the host’s camera. You will not be able to hear or see any attendees whose input is limited to their comments on the live feed.

How to Share it.

You can choose how to share it and who to share it with. Links and news for an RSVP can be shared via SMS, email or direct message to those you wish to invite. If you are opening the celebration to the public, posting relevant details on social media is the go-to.

Losing a loved one is always hard to take, and the last thing you would need is to exhaust yourself over how you will plan and organize every minute detail. Give yourself a rest by live-streaming the celebration of life, allowing you to prepare everything at ease, and without all the pressures a traditional gathering would bring, all at a considerably lesser cost.

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