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Bringing Food To A Grieving Family On A Budget

10 months ago

It can be really tough to watch your colleagues, friends and family go through a bereavement – as someone who cares deeply about them it can be frustrating that there’s not much we can do as onlookers, for the most part all we can do is be there for them when they ask. However, bringing food to a grieving family is one of the best things you are able to do to help them through a difficult time as the simple things in life we normally do without a second thought, like planning meals and going to the supermarket can suddenly become really tough.
So, you want to help out in one of the few ways it’s possible at this time, but you’re on a budget. Here’s some ideas of food you can bring to a grieving family either for the end of life celebration event or for the family to eat in the days and weeks afterwards that you should be able to fit into your budget. Plus, because it’s often not too much more work and money to make a larger portion, you can often put some of these recipes aside for your own family to keep them happy and well fed.
  1. ·         Shepherd’s Pie

A traditional British dish that has everything in one casserole dish and doesn’t need anything added. Tasty ground meat with vegetables and mashed potato on top all baked in the oven. It will keep in the fridge for a long time, is easily heated up and is super easy to portion out.

2. Broccoli, Cheese & Rice Casserole

This recipe can easily be made vegetarian if you like and is a complete meal in one dish. It’s easy to make and filling.

3. Macaroni & Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of those things that can be really simple and cheap if you like, or can be more expensive and elaborate if you prefer, it’s all about what kind of cheese you use and how much of it you put in. You can use whatever you have, but a good mac & cheese (in my opinion, anyway) needs a nice sharp cheddar, but you can use whatever you have in the fridge or is on offer.

4. Chili Con Carne

A good chili is always a crowd pleaser, and this recipe is no different. It’s one of those great meals where you don’t have to have the exact amount of the right ingredients, its strong flavors mean you can swap and change things like the spices if you don’t happen to have the right one in the cupboard for something you do have. However, make sure you use plenty of salt to bring out the flavor (tasting as you add) and I always make sure to sprinkle in some sugar to give it a nice rounded taste.

5. Stew

Stew is great because as long as you have some onion and some veggies you can make something tasty. If you want a meat-based stew you can use the cheapest cuts available as the slow cooking time will leave the meat soft and tender no matter where it comes from on the animal. There’s a nice recipe here but you can make it cheaper by leaving out the wine or substituting almost any ingredient for what you have in the house

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t help out the people you care about. Grieving families will always appreciate any nourishing food you are able to bring them. So, cook something you can afford and cook it with love, the family will see that you’ve put your heart into it and appreciate what you’ve done for them.

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