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Best Practices for Handling Life Celebrations during COVID

10 months ago

Humans are social animals, and our need for belonginess and affection to our family is evident. So when it comes to losing our beloved’s life, it is a challenging task. It is a fact that we all are going to die, but to lose someone with limitations due to COVID is beyond the imagination. Now it has become a necessity to follow the rules and regulations for life celebrations. There are some practices for people, funeral directors, and religious directors to keep themselves away from the virus

The community should also follow these instructions to minimize the fear of COVID-19. However, these practices are problematic to do because of the grief and anxiety of death. But at the same time, these are essential while planning the visitations and funeral services.

A life celebration is a funeral service that usually happens at a place of interest where people gather to pay tribute. As we all know, the risk of COVID increased in gatherings, so everyone should perform some essential practices for handling life celebrations during COVID.



When it comes to arranging a life celebration for your loved one, you should select an appropriate theme that reflects the person’s personality. These include;

·         What were his hobbies?

·         What thing did he enjoy the most?

·         Which daily life activities did he love to do?

·         Which aspect of his personality do you like the most?

You should take all the habits and likings of that person into account while creating the theme. These essentials will reflect the subjectivity and uniqueness of your loved one. Due to the pandemic, all arrangements should be made accordingly by following the guidelines.



 As the purpose of this celebration is to pay tribute to our loved ones. So the family and friends plan this event after some weeks of the funeral to remember the deceased’s presence. Many efforts are there to make the dead a “center of attention.” For instance,

·         Flower and floral arrangements are made that symbolizes the sparkle and bloom of the deceased’s life.

·         Different people share their experiences with him.

·         All the people display their photos with him. Moreover, people write about their experiences with the deceased in a memory book.

·         Due to the COVID situation, it would be good to play a slideshow or video of the deceased rather than any social performance.



The preparation of a good meal is an essential task of this event. The purpose of sharing a meal is to provide comfort and respect to those who come to pay tribute to the deceased. There is a need to follow the instructions given below to reduce the risk of Covid while sharing a meal.

·         Frequent hand wash;

·         Cover your face with a mask;

·         Use sanitizer;

·         Maintain adequate distance while eating; and,

·         Avoid handshake and physical contact.



The mainstream of celebration of life is to share memories, moments, life stories of the deceased. If you are planning to organize this event during COVID, you should make it more creative. This event’s ultimate goal is to spread laughter and happiness among the deceased’s relatives, so the following strategies would make this event more innovative.

·     To select an outdoor venue will be a better option during covid because it will provide sufficient space for maintaining distance.

·         If you are going to organize this event indoors, make sure there is proper ventilation and arrange it effectively by creating floral designs.



As we know, Covid has extensive effect in every sphere of our lives. While handling the Life Celebration, you should follow the given plan and pay attention to the precautionary measures. We can illustrate the concept of life celebration as

§  A life celebration requires a suitable time after the death of a person.

§  You have to decide on a special event, whether it will be a traditional one or a formal one.

§  Create a list of people and send them an invitation.

§  The use of flowers and florals will enhance the symphony of the event.

§  Select a suitable location by considering all requirements such as parking and wide area.

§  Organize the memories, photos, and videos that are going to use while paying tribute.

§  Enlist the hobbies, experiences, interests, and memories that you have spent with the descent.

§  Create a playlist of music and hymns that were liked by the deceased.

§  You can hire a caterer to serve food and beverages. You can also select those food items that were liked by the deceased.

§  Arrange a photographer to capture the memories of this event.


§  Choose the time when the strength of the virus will relatively less.

§  Limit the time duration of the event.

§  Be aware of selecting the location and prefer an outdoor venue as there is enough space to maintain distance from others.

§  Try to limit the number of people as viruses multiply in gathering.

§  Practice frequent hand washing and avoid to use the accessories of others.


The idea is to make sure that as many details as possible focus on your loved one. It’s perfectly ok (and encouraged!) to celebrate unconventionally to fully commemorate your loved one and allow their friends and family to participate in something they enjoyed! Even though COVID makes things a bit more challenging – do your best to have fun, be creative and celebrate the life of your beloved.

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