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About Us

Our mission at is to accomplish 4 desires:

Give People Better Life Celebrations:

We believe that individual people deserve personalized life celebrations when they pass. Their celebration should be indicative to who they were in their life. Often times people pass and have traditional funerals in churches – when, in fact they were scuba divers who hated caskets! There are many examples of this; perhaps, you have a few examples yourself.

Help People Pre-Arrange as early as 18:

We desire to help people create more dynamic celebrations that also help the healing process for their loved ones left behind. This takes some planning ahead of time. We pose these questions – think about in your mind, as well – who is responsible for arranging a life celebration? At what age should one take a weekend to arrange for their mortality?

We believe it is the responsibility of each individual over 18 to lay down the foundation for their life celebration. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it is an responsible act of love to think ahead and make the hard decisions early so your loved ones do not have to carry that burden and pain. We can choose now to spare them, and modify our decisions as we progress in life.

Build a global support community.

2020 brought each of use from around the world a full on life change, and unfortunately many of us lost friends and relatives during this time. We’ve talked to enough people globally now to know for certain that many loved ones did not receive a proper memorial because of gathering restrictions, social distance requirements and travel bands.

Though these measures were established for our safety, the pain of loss intensified because of the circumstances. We seek to establish a global community of grievers that support each other, no matter our background or religion, because at our human core we know what it is like to lose someone we love. May we find strength, encouragement, love and healing together.

Help the Western world become healthier at perceiving death.

In the West, death and transitioning is still very taboo. As a result, many people don’t take the time to discuss their options or express their wishes for their life celebrations. Without pre-arranging, or having the talk about final arrangements, families undergo unneeded duress. We hope to provide a remedy by creating a safe haven to learn about life celebration options and challenge our community to take educated steps towards pre-planning. Because in the end, sparing your loved ones from making these decisions for you is a tremendous act of love.



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