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8 Insightful Ways to Maintain Better Relationships

10 months ago

With all the talk of what to do and how to respond after loss. We thought it would be great to encourage you on how to live and enjoy the people you have around you now! There’s a really old song that has such a powerful meaning to it – my grandfather used to talk about it as a joke, but it holds weight:

The song simply says “give me my flowers while I live” and it speaks greatly to the fact that we won’t be here forever to appreciate one another. Better to do it while we’re all here and can enjoy it happily than when it’s too late.

So, without further adieu, here are the 9 insightful ways to maintain better relationships:

1. Be Supportive

Many in out Better Celebrations community can attest that life is too short to not wish the absolute best for others! We should all be completely supportive of our friends and loved ones reaching self-actualization with the time they are given. If someone tells you a dream or vision, you don’t have to finance it, but encourage them! Or, if their idea is not so great, help them think about ways they can achieve what they desire safely.

2. Spend Quality Time

Time is of the essence of any relationship. We are so busy in our daily activities that we do not give time to our relationship. So we need to find time in the day when we can spend quality time with our family, it can also be a mealtime when everyone is sitting together and discussed their daily affairs.

3. Be Honest

Let your loved ones know you care about and respect them by extending your honesty. You can work through your talks, the easy and the challenging ones, much easier when you’re honest with one another. From another angle, be honest because if that person ever left your life – you want nothing unsaid. Keep in mind, not everything needs to be said – but we trust your judgment 🙂

4. Pay Attention To Small Moments

It’s the small things that matter. Life goes on so fast that we forget those little moments like sending someone a good morning message or to apologize if you made a mistake. If your buddy had a small win at work – celebrate them! Make superstars out of the people in your life and acknowledge them for the large and little things they do.

5. Speak with Love

Sometimes a firm tone is needed, but in general a kind voice cures all. It’s helpful to remember that our communication is for the receiver. What we say and how we say it is one part of communication – the other is how that message and tone is interpreted. Speaking kindly will benefit any relationship and will help diffuse more intense moments so you can spend more productive time together.

6. Talk Them Up!

This one goes two ways:

1. When you’re with others, talk about their shine, what makes them special and what they’re great at! This will go a long way when they hear you say great things about them to other people.

2. When they’re not feeling the best, build them back up! Your words are powerful and can change someone’s emotions. Let your words be edifying and uplifting.

7.  Reconcile Fast.

The rest of the headers don’t have punctuation – that clues you on how important this one is. So many people spend extraordinary lengths of time at odds – and to what avail? To make a point? Because they feel they are correct and the other is wrong? If you can look into the mirror and say to yourself, “I am perfectly fine with never speaking to [friend’s name] again, and there is nothing I want to say to them before one of us passes on” – then you’re in the clear. If you’re not ok with this, go reconcile.

Life is short and we don’t have the convenience of determining ourselves how long we get to enjoy it. Live in the moment with the people who love you and make a direct effort to love them now in return.

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