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6 Reasons To Start Expressing Gratitude Today

10 months ago

There are two parts to the definition of gratitude. The first is one maybe 90% of us or better absolutely nail:  being thankful. Many times we’re thankful and appreciative of others in our hearts and minds, but here is the second part of gratitude: to express appreciation for and to return kindness.


It’s a mulit-player sport, gratitude is, and we can all improve on just how much we show how thankful we are and return the kindness that is extended to us. Here are 13 compelling reasons you should start today. Ready?

  1. Gratitude comes with perks.

When you begin with little things such as saying thank you to your mailman or the people on the garbage truck, these slight act of tenderness brightens up someone’s day and highlights your delightful side. You’ll notice quickly notice how others respond to you differently, even the ones you may have had an unpleasant encounter with in the past.

2. You’ll love your personality change.

Have you ever done something for someone and immediately felt great about them being happy about whatever it was you did? Imagine experiencing making someone’s day more often with little things like handwritten cards (which are not out of style), a phone call , or a simple “thanks for being in my life” is all it takes.

3. You’ll mature – almost overnight!

You might have never thought of this benefit of gratitude expression, but it does make sense. It takes guts sometimes to go to a friend and just thank them for being a good friend because most times, it’s just awkward. But when you overcome the awkward feelings and do it anyway – that’s the growth. Growth at any age is always good.

4. It demonstrates that you prioritize life’s true value.

In this world full of rushing, instant noodles, Netflix and on demand sports, people are more than likely consumed by transitory convenience. We tend to forget what matters including those we love and those we give our friendship to. In the end, what is more important? Catching the game or making sure your children know they are champions? Life’s value is in each other. Now that we recognize this – act! 🙂

5. You’ll maintain better relationships.

It’s okay if you have a tough time attaching with people, friends, parents, spouse, or siblings, you can start small, Conveying appreciation and vocalizing how you’re thankful for them does the job just fine. If saying how much they mean to you is still a stretch, try buying them a coffee or simply stopping your day to chat with them and see how their day is going.  There are many ways to express that someone means a ton to you, even the smallest gestures will improve your relationships dramatically

6. You don’t want to wish you did.

Life is fleeting, and if we continually get caught up in work, goals, and other elements, we’ll miss out on our opportunities to show the people we love that we do in fact love and cherish them. There is a lot of power in making sure no one leaves your life without knowing how much they mean to you. 

Tomorrow is not promised, start showing your gratitude today 🙂

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