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5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Saying Goodbye To The Loved One

10 months ago

The topic of death is often discussed, but exploring the ways to prepare yourself is also an essential aspect of the discussion. There are not just physical and emotional ways to prepare yourself, but many practical efforts also play a significant role in keeping yourself strong. When you know that your beloved will die soon, you have to prepare yourself emotionally and physically. It is a very slow and gradual process that can happen anytime because you don’t know about death’s exact time. So here are five important ways to prepare yourself for saying goodbye to your beloved.

  • Try to fulfill the wishes of your beloved

It is the most important way to satisfy yourself because once you get to know about his wishes and try to fulfill them, you will start accepting the situation. If he or she wants to meet any person, inform them instantly. By doing this, you will start preparing yourself for loss. Here are some more practices to prepare yourself;

  • You will emotionally prepared for the loss as you are engrossed in fulfilling his wishes.
  • You won’t regret or blame yourself in the future.
  • You will not be more likely to have any psychological disorder in the future as your mind will be prepared for the loss.
  • Take great care of them.

Attending your beloved in the last moments of his life is very necessary. You have to take great care of his meal and medicine. By doing this, you will realize that he will die, and I have to prepare myself as well. Here are some more practices to prepare yourself;

  • Try to share your memories and talk with him in the way he wants; it will prepare you mentally to deal with it.
  • Express your feelings and emotions; it will keep you strong, and you won’t feel guilty that you didn’t share your memories when he was alive.
  • Try to make this time memorable by saying “I love you” or “I will miss you always”. It will help you to manage your physical state on the loss as well.
  • Take great care of yourself.

It is essential to take care of yourself in this situation because you are the one who has to prepare yourself for the loss. So when you remain in a state of grief and sorrow, it will affect both your physical and mental health. Here are some more practices to prepare yourself;

  • Eat healthy food and sleep well. Even if it’s hard to sleep at night, build time during the day for small naps. Your energy replenishing is important.
  • Involve in different activities.
  • Try to create something innovative that will help you to prepare yourself for loss; for instance, you can make a memorial book for your beloved
  • Know they will soon have rest.
    Our family laid two loved ones to rest during the pandemic. Both were equally challenging – doubly so because of restrictions. What kept us in agreement with the reality of the situation is both of our beloved had little to no quality of life. No matter how much the physicians assured their comfort or how many doses of pain medication they were prescribed, their internal state had little prospect for recovery. They were both lively people who would prefer to be literally anywhere else in the world than the bed they were constrained to. It got to the point where the pain of knowing they were suffering outweighed the pain of losing them. Their transition gave them sweet rest.
  • Try removing yourself from the equation, and thinking about this from your loved one’s point of view;
  • If your loved one is capable, talk to them and listen to what they are experiencing.
  • Finally, gauge their willingness to fight. If they express that they are tired, resolve within yourself that you love them enough to accept their transition.
  • Embrace it.

This is much easier said than done, but it is necessary for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. By preparing yourself early and embracing whatever the future holds you are allowing yourself to be fluid and flexible as the situation unfolds. We often admire those with ‘strength’, maybe they are indeed strong, or maybe they have learned how to embrace life’s ebbs and flows.

  • Try to control your emotions while expressing your feelings. This act will help you in the future to manage your emotional well-being.
  • Be present in the situation and let your loved one know what they mean to you. Don’t miss a moment to affirm this truth.
  • Try to listen to their every word. Maybe even record them sharing memories, favorite jokes, or just talking about whatever they wish.

Final Thoughts

It is true that you will be affected. It is also true that you will feel pain, but you’re already taking the right steps in preparing yourself for whatever is to come by reading this blog. A final thought would be to begin praying for peace in your heart and mind. There is a comforter in heaven that will guard our hearts through all we face – no matter the circumstance. May He keep and uphold you through this time.

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